Reporting Misconduct

Reporting Misconduct

Employers and employees from Europe and Asia often work together in harmony. There is a lot of mutual respect. Unfortunately however, exploitation and (serious) wrongs and misconduct may occur in some cases.

This may be intentional in some cases, but often it is unintentional. This may result from the pursuit of profit, but also from complex laws and regulations. If you’re faced with wrongs and misconduct, you may report it in complete confidentiality to us via e-mail or via our contact form.

Our role

Together with you we would be looking to find the best solution. This may result in entering into negotiations with the relevant employer, or help you report it to an embassy, the POLO, POEA or any other relevant (government) institution.


Another task the WWLU believes to be one of its own is to report abuse to governments and control bodies appointed by regulatory bodies for this purpose. In addition, press relations are maintained on a regular basis in order to raise awareness of wrongs and misconduct.

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