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About Us

Who we are!

Cristina Caliguiran and Joan van Berkel were both born in the Philippines. Cristina and Joan have now been living and working in the Netherlands for a long time. This was not always easy, especially in the beginning.

Cristina Caliguiran


van Berkel

Secretary and Treasurer

They soon ran into major cultural differences, illegality and complex laws and regulations. It was not always easy to deal with the issues properly.

This not only applies to themselves, but also to the many third-country nationals they got to know over the years. There was no trade union to seriously represent the interests of this group of workers. But now both board members are experts thanks to their experience.

This was an important reason for Cristina and Joan to set up a union: the Worldwide Labour Union (WWLU). Cristina and Joan are very passionate about helping and guiding people from other parts of the world when they come to live and work in Europe.

Chairperson Cristina is responsible for taking care of the general affairs of the union.

Secretary and Treasurer Joan is responsible for the internal organisation and the finances.

The board of the WWLU looks forward to you becoming a member and helping promote and improve the working, accommodation and/or living conditions of the ever-growing group of migrant workers.

Your comments, ideas and requests are welcome. Please send them to info@worldwidelaborunion.com


Support in cross-border work.

Work is increasingly being found across national borders. Internationalisation means employees are confronted with laws and regulations in various countries. There is an ever-increasing number of third-country nationals working in Europe. As far as the WWLU is concerned, this development necessitates a trade union that is focussed on international employees who often work across borders. One day in the Netherlands, the next day in Germany, and another in Belgium, often as a third-country national. This leads to a lot of uncertainty for employees, employers and governments. Working with all the stakeholders, we strive to create more clarity and to make clear agreements. The WWLU prefers to do this in collaboration with members, other trade unions, organisations and governments from various countries.

Influencing for the purpose of clear laws and regulations

Apart from increasing internationalisation, there is an increasing complexity in terms of legislation and regulations within the borders of each country. This can easily lead to (unintentional) wrongs because employees and employers can no longer see the wood for the trees. The WWLU wants to provide employees with simple and accessible information about the laws and regulations they have to deal with on the labour market.

Promoting good working, accommodation and/or living conditions

It is crucial that employees have good working, accommodation and/or living conditions when working anywhere in Europe. Neither the environment of the employee benefit from substandard or appalling working, accommodation and/or living conditions. The WWLU is also keen to work on this and condemn wrongs and misconduct.